Abbeefill Cartridge Refill Station Supports ReuseReduceRecycle Initiative

Everyone on this globe today has some or the other printing requirement which cannot be ignored in the fast-moving professional race. Every office to run smoothly needs to perform few fundamental tasks whether it is printing, replacing things and reducing unnecessary task. Today printing or scanning has become one of the quick way to reduce work and make a paperless office.

Printing means usage of paper and ink or toner cartridges. Both are used continuously, even for the printing of things on paper that will not be used later or recycling is not possible. As a result, wastage of both paper & cartridge causes major problem for the environment in-terms of a slow poison. Where paper wastage leads to cutting of trees which impacts the environment a lot, the cartridges are dumped into landfills, after their usages. As printer cartridges are made up of a complex combination of plastics, metals, foam, ink and toner, throwing them into landfill represents a waste of resources and contributes to the growing problem of electronic waste. But there are solutions that will help you reduce this wastage and will improve the condition of the environment, and that is recycle or refill of cartridge.

The reasons why it is beneficial option for companies to reuse or refill cartridges are:

  • Reduces air & water pollution, emissions related with land-filling, incineration or the manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • Conserves natural resources which mean the need for raw materials reduces.
  • Helps in saving energy & sustain the environment for future generations.

When your toner or ink cartridges get empty, what you can do is take services of companies that recycle - refill them. Abbeefill Cartridge Refill Station is one of such companies for you that recycled-refill such cartridges which are environmentally friendly. We are a professional and reliable company and have more that 35 years of experience in this Cartridge Industry –

  • A thorough quality inspection and cleaning process,
  • Worn & damaged parts get replaced with proper guidance
  • Cartridges are refilled with fresh ink or toner.
  • Refilling Expert will help your understanding with all your queries.

As recycled ink & toner cartridges cost 60-80 % less than new ones, so for a business that prints a lot, it is a boon and save big amount. It makes perfect business sense to exchange your printer supplies for money by recycling used printer supplies like toner cartridges, ink cartridges and waste paper. And by using our refilled cartridges, you take a step towards going green and reducing energy costs. Our remanufactured printer supplies also come with warranty and have a higher yield or capacity than the original cartridges.

Abbeefill Cartridge Refill Station, uses only the best quality ink and machineries to refill the ink with no compromise on quality. By 100% refilling of cartridges, we make sure that you receive the best possible results. Our cartridge refill products also come with the following advantages:

  • High quality ink for refilling
  • Excellent customer service with Expert Guidance Guarantee
  • Preventive maintenance for Samsung printers
  • Supply of standby printers (if any urgency)
  • Annual maintenance contracts – comprehensive & non-comprehensive
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Warrantied Products